RPJ Blasting service can provide you paint and coating removal services using the latest technology. The DB500 Dustless Blaster is clean, fast, affordable and environmentally friendly. Paint and coating removal can be done on site for commercial, marine, industrial or residential applications. Blasting with damp recycled crushed glass that contains no free silicas and a system that uses 80% less aggregate than a traditional sandblaster, our dustless blaster is clean fast, efficient and creates no “dust cloud” making containment and removal of contaminates possible when necessary and often blast on site with little to no clean up necessary.

The powerful DB500 blaster can strip hard industrial coating from equipment, strip rust and paint for automobile or antique restoration, graffiti removal, pool paint preparation, wood decks, strip siding and fences or ornate woodwork quickly and easily with no chemicals. Dustless blasting also remains cool and will not warp the substrate being blasted. Great for prepping panel trucks for wraps or new paint.